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integrate product key/serial #

Kevin Luck

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I'm probably missing something very obvious, but I haven't yet to notice a way of integrating the service/product key you have into the Windows 7 setup? Is there a way w/ Wintookit to do that?


Is there a way to specify your time zone location & skip the EULA? Rt7lite has those kind of options but rt7lite seems to lock up at different times for me during Windows setup.



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Hi Kevin!

There´s an option under "Main" and "Intermediate" tab called "Unattended Creator".

Here you will find what you are looking for.

When you have created the file and saved it, go to WIM Manager (also under "Intermediate"), load your image and

choose "Apply Unattended".

Choose your Unattended File and press "Full".


Hope this helps


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