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Best practice for integration of usb3 driver in W7 setup sought


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I have to install W7 Ult x64 on a new DELL notebook systems that comes with W8 x64 and merely has USB 3 ports (i.e. no USB 2 port and no optical drive).


I assume there might arise problems trying to install W7 SP1 x64 from a stick connected to a USB 3 port.


I'm looking for an easy way to inject a Renesas USB 3 driver/driver family into the setup data (which file btw?).

I make use of dism (mainly in scripts) or WinToolkit but am interested in the "recommended" method.


Any ideas, suggestions, tips?


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, I have some suggestions:


1. The latest usable versions of Renesas drivers for integration purposes are for ''nusb3''-like drivers / for ''rusb3''-like drivers.


Why am I saying usable? Because these are the latest versions that are fully Microsoft signed. Newer ones will give you errors if integrated, but if you want to have the latest ones, install them AFTER in windows (after the install process is done).


2. If you use Win Toolkit to integrate them into the windows image, also check the advanced option from AIO to also integrate the USB drivers in boot.wim

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Hi RicaNeaga,


The Information I got from a tech guy was wrong, usb controllers aren't from Renesas but from Intel.


I've got the notebook system available now. Driver Magician, which I tried out first, shows me many components, but I guess all I need are pairs of an .inf and a .cat file (maybe .sys, too). I'm missing additional tools to get this more precise, though.


Would you recommend the latest WT version, maybe a recent beta?


Thanks for your help!

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