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Incredibly messy and buggy experience when using the ''Load from folder'' option to load updates in AIO


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At some point I wanted to make a request to make this feature usable, but you said, Lego, that when you'll make Win Toolkit your school project you'll take a new look at this, by revamping the code to sort updates especially. So please do :)


The problems right now are:


1. After loading updates only one time from a folder (that also contains sub-folders), the sort (by name) feature doesn't exactly work, as you can see here.


2. When trying to start the integration process, Internet Explorer goes into updates area, and the first update into the IE area, as you can see here.


3. The only solution I thought I found was moving those WU updates into the IE area, and moving IE11 to the top, as you can see here. Not only that after the integration process started, IE11 moved back down the queue, as you can see here, but also the order I wanted wasn't kept (alphabetical order), and the KB2xxxxxx updates are integrated first - see here !!!!


So please make the integration process usable, and not a pain-in-the-..., as it is now, when using the option to load updates in AIO from (sub)folders :(



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Lego, you've said some time ago...


Seriously, without changing the ListView to a DataGridView there's nothing much I can do.  :(


 So I'm giving this a bump  :)



PS: I consider this a very important bug, I mentioned it many times in the past, sorry for nagging you about it but please consider fixing this for Win Toolkit 2.x ;)

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