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Hi, I tried following the guide that is sticky on the first post of this forum, I want to integrate the update and 2 driver pack into the windows 7 sp1 disk. My DVD is extracted and I open the install.wmi into win toolkit, then i click on the all in one integrator, go to the update tab, insert all the update I have downloaded (210+) this take 2-3 min then I click on start in the top left, i get a prompt for the preset, click on save or accept (both didn't make any difference) and after 2 seconds I end up in the option tab and nothing seem to have been done as I read in these forum that for other it can take up to 24 hour to process all the update and driver they included so I don't think my computer is that overpered that it can crunch all this data in this time compared to other. I didn't change any settings in the option screen, I even did a reset to default to make sure I hadn't accidentally changed something. Before reading that it could takes so many hour for other I rebuild the iso but I quickly discovered that upon first boot that I still have 180+ update to do when I go to windows update. I used my windows 7 sp1 disk as I could not download the version posted in these forum as they were retired by Microsoft in February. Did I miss any step? I do not want to combine multiple wim in the install disk as I always install the same version. Any pointer would be appreciated.


I tried with Win toolkit and


I also wanted to try with v 2.0 but the option to add my wim were greyout out so I didn't really try to play with it much.



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