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[Apps] Kels YzApp Collection...

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YzDock was the first Mac-style dock for windows to come along as a matter of fact the creator got a cease and decist order from Apple 'cause of it.

It is super easy to use just grab any short or app and drag it to the dock it will place the docklet there for you.

All of the docklets are very customizable and this pack comes with a coupla docks and several icons and backgrounds.

Most docklets floating around the web can work on this also...


addondl.png v0.8.3

Size - 709 kb MD5Hash = 38ADB499474260F6AC8BA5E655C6C167

YzToolbar skins the Toolbar buttons ans explorer buttons this pack also comes with several themes included.


addondl.png v1.3

Size = 1.3 megs MD5Hash = D3FF4244E62D7BEC50B0D3B20751ED19

YzShadow gives the Windows a drop-shadow and also adds transparency to the drop down menus and the all programs menu of your start button...


addondl.png v1.9

Size = 153 kb MD5Hash = 1A36ACB6D79CBF6AE96D0D475068DCB6

Here is all of them in one addon!


Size = 1.85 megs MD5Hash = 66869821550183F05372A45F5FD0B3F2

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