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Hi there,

Once again i have a problem using WPI. I try to install a few programs with .cmd files in order to give the right parameters or maybe first copy files from one location to another. Now there is the problem that the .cmd files are all tested, when i double click them everything works allright. when i add the cmd file in wpi and say "install it" it makes a green hook and it seems that everything was correct, but nothing did happen. in case of microsoft office 2007 where i want to add my .msp file via .cmd wpi does start my windows xp setup screen :shocking:

has somebody experienced the same problems or has an idea what there might can help?

mfg docsnyder

edit: like ricktendo suggested i tried adding "start" and "/wait" in the .cmd files but with office it still opens the windows xp setup screen...strange thing i dont know how there is a connection between, i give parameters to office setup and xp setup launches Oo

editedit: when i give the parameters to office in wpi config.js then the setup seems to work but closes down after a few seconds

the sc looks like :

prog[pn]=['Microsoft Visio 2007'];
desc[pn]=['Neuste Version von Microsoft Visio.'];
cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Office2007\\VIS2007PRODE\\SETUP.EXE" /adminfile visio.msp'];

any ideas what i can change in line

cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Office2007\\VIS2007PRODE\\SETUP.EXE" /adminfile visio.msp'];


slowly but sure i have no more ideas....when i try to let wpi start a .cmd file with

"start setup.exe /adminfile office.msp


wpi starts windows xp setup

and when i try to add the parameter "/adminfile office.msp" in wpi

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ok i browsed the forum a bit and found a post from kel where he describes the office 2007 installation step by step but...before i posted here i did all these steps exactly and it doesnt work Oo. here his description

#1 Make sure you have 07 enterprise office!

#2 Run it with the following switch = setup.exe /admin

#3 Follow all of the instructions paying alot of attention to the "Licensing and User interface" section enter the serial and select Display level = none

#4 save the resulting file as "Your-Name-here.msp" and add that file to the office 07 folder. Don't use spaces in the file name!

#5 Then add this line to the cammandline1 in WPI "%wpipath%\Office07\setup.exe" /adminfile Your-Name-here.msp

Thats all there is 5 easy steps!!!!

#1 done

#2 done

#3 done

#4 done, no spaces anywhere

#5 see :

cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Office2007\\OFFICE12\\setup.exe" /adminfile Updates\office.msp'];

and yes i tested it already with

cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Office2007\\OFFICE12\\setup.exe" /adminfile office.msp'];

so to speak the .msp file in the same directory like the setup.exe but with the "updates" folder the setup runs further than without but still not complete :P

need help kel! :)

OK now it dont know why but i tried using 2 commands and 2 .msp files...looks like following :

i had 1 .msp file in the dir of the .exe, 1 in the folder updates, i looked that i had in the source code no big or small tiping differences ...then i added 2 commands... 1 with /adminfile blabla.msp and 1 with

/adminfile \Updates blabla.msp... then i tested it again with daemon tools..and there was 1 error and then it worked...so i removed the first entry because i thought that was the error one...and i was right... now its working with the same entries i had before and i dont know why but ok :D

mfg docsnyder

editedit : i hope my english at this time is quite understandable :P if not ask me and i will try to explain it in better english tomorrow

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