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Hello Heidoc community I'm happy to of found this wonderful place to hangout!! Off the bat "I need desperate help Win 10 is So Slow for VMs"


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Sorry if I'm overstepping posting this in a Intro post


TLDR; Acer not letting me run a virtual machine without heavy lag and fog everywhere need to fog to go away and feel the breeze of some half decent speed. Fixes for host w10 or my vm w7 to be would be heavily apprecialed I know everyone is busy stay safe and thanks in advance


Hello Guys,

I'll get right into it, I know this is a welcome post but I thought I'd give it a shot. I found this place from raymonds dot cc forum so thank you to him. I needed to find a win 7 iso that works because I'm going through a terrible month long struggle of not being able to do any work on my machine. I've posted so many places and this is my last shot because I know if you can't help me than the problem must be me. So a quick briefly about the pain I've endured it started on a new acer laptop running win 10 from the shop, I tried everything to get my VM software to run half decent. Tried Virtual box, VMware W10 to W8 to W7 to 5 different distros of linux as my host almost bricking my computer because it's so unstable, I'd make one or two customization changes to the OS and boom black screen on boot , couldn't turn on etc etc, until i literally changed back to windows 10. I've got a acer aspire 3 with 12Gb and 256 SSD as my primary with a 500Gb Hdd as a 2nd internal storage. Fix after fix on virtual box to running 32 bit software and 32 bit arch and Vm ware I just can't seem to get my machine to run smoothly. It ends up hanging to the point of programs not responding and frustrating me internally to the point I'm almost forced to have to get a new PC and I just got this and paid almost 1000 cad for it. Anyways it's wind 10 pro x64 i'm just installing/downloading the ISO from heidocs beautiful creation tool and I'm going to launch virtual box (win 7) because I feel I've gotten the best performance on it. So what can I do on the host, what can I do on the VM to achieve a state of decent workmanship for my heavy lifting. I have run a single virtual machine before on a computer with less oomph than this one and achieved better results. I've went through the forum here but didn't turn up the results I wanted so I made an account before I sleep and figured what the hell I had to say hello anyways.

Nothing but respect and thanks to anyone alive and well in this forum.

Darden Bradford from Canada

Oh and PS:

I probably just rambled alot and didn't actually make the sense I potentially should have but it's late and I'm tired so anything to help a brother out im willing to make a peace offering or whatever it takes :D

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