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Recuva (pronounced "recover") is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses!

Runs on Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.

Final Release

Recuva is out of the beta testing phase, so you can now download the final release of the program. Thanks to everyone who helped us test it and please keep your ideas and suggestions coming in via our forum.


Like all other Piriform products (including CCleaner), Recuva is free for both commercial and personal use.




Version History


- Fixed issue that stopped Recuva working from a USB drive under XP64.

- Fixed highlighted items bug when sorting by columns.

- Fixed tree view tooltips in Win2000.

- Speedier recovery from thumbdrives under USB 1.1.

- Updated installer engine and detection routines.

- Several minor UI changes.

- Minor tweaks and fixes.

v1.03.100 Final Release

- Sorting is much faster with a large numbers of files.

- Fixed unhandled exception when closing in debug mode.

- Added handling of super short zero byte files that could cause the scan to hang.

- Filter text is now a whizzy grey color, when not in use.

- Removed previous selected item from group when drag selecting.

- Improved find rate in FAT32 system drives.

- Super duper optimized for NTFS system drives.

- Added full size Vista icon.

- Fixed issue that could delay selection rectangle redraw in themed Win2k3.

- Added 'Highlight Folder' option to right click menu in list view.

- Fixed banner icon drawing issue in 2000.

- Minor tweaks and fixes.

v1.02.095 Beta

- Added drag select to list view.

- Tree view now expands on double click.

- Disabled right click menu in list view column headers.

- Improvements to SD card compatibility.

- Tick all column is now fixed width.

- Double hard NTFS algorithm issue finally fixed.

- Updated string table.

- Fixed layout issue with 120dpi.

- Fixed issue with right click menu.

- Cleared issue that caused the tick boxes to not redraw.

v1.02.091 Beta

- Reinstated tree view - now with a filter.

- Added 'Check all' column header.

- Added status information after a scan.

- Fixed issue that sometimes caused a crash in Win2k.

- Remembers the previous save path.

- Added drive letter to file paths.

- Multiple XM types now supported.

- Fixed memory leak that could cause a crash in Vista.

- Fixed a status panel display bug that made it look odd in Win2k3.

- Added drive icon to drop down list.

- Performance improvements.

v1.02.086 Beta

- Massive increase on scan speed.

- Re-architected memory management component.

- Improvements to stability and file type handling.

- Numerous UI changes.

- Added live list filtering.

- Enhanced support of removable USB drives.

v1.01.069 Beta

- Added option to restore folder structure.

- Fixed issue with 98 which caused the options OK button to not be drawn.

- Fixed issue that could cause the tick state to become confused in tree view.

- Speed improvements to multiple selections in list view.

- Fixed tab order in options window.

- Memory handling improvements.

- Minor bug fixes.

v1.01.062 Beta

- Fixed issue that caused the list/tree view to empty after a scan.

- Added tooltip to tree view.

- Optimized cluster count algorithm for NTFS 3.1.

- Added visual indication for Debug mode (Recuva.exe /debug).

- Error log is now always created in debug mode.

- Changes to multiple selection method.

v1.01.057 Beta

- Added "Check for updates..." link.

- Added internal handling for multiple languages.

- Memory handling improvements.

- Minor bug fixes.

v1.01.048 Beta

- Fixed issue with slow response when using Ctrl-A on a large number of files.

- Improved handling of removable drives.

- Fixed issue that caused improper entries in drive list.

- Improved searching of MFT mirror entries.

- Minor UI tweaks.

v1.01.043 Beta

- Memory management improvements.

- Ctrl+A now selects all items in the list view.

- Dynamic handling of removable drives.

- Added warning if you try to recover to the same drive as the source files.

- Tweaked detection of non-NT processor specifications.

- Changes to initial memory allocation algorithm.

- Interface tweaks.

v1.01.037 Beta

- Fixed crash error when scanning.

- Fixed errors in filtering text.

- Fixed errors while recovering files one after the other.

- Fixed issues with Win2k.

- Updated the method for reading volume free space.

- General improvements to memory handling.

- Fixes to memory management in treeview mode.

- Updated the size of the options/about dialog and controls.

- Added "Ignored files" count display to the status.

v1.01.032 Beta

- Improvements to memory management when handling a large number of files.

- Better handling of bad MFT entries.

- Even more improvements to the error tracing.

- Added 'About' tab to options dialog.

- Tweaks to recovery algorithms (related to hidden system files).

v1.01.026 Beta

- Complete rewrite of error tracing routines.

- Fixed bug that caused the 'Date Modified' data to disappear when searching.

- Renamed 'Date Modified' to 'Last Modified'.

- Added command-line parameter for debug mode "recuva.exe /debug".

- Improved detection of bad sectors in MFT table.

- Fixed bug that caused the application to close on win2k server.

v1.01.024 Beta

- Added 'Date modified' column.

- Added Volume label to drive list.

- Fixed bug that caused app to hang on exit in Vista.

- Added some more error logging.

- Fixed odd bug on 2000 that caused the icon to go all weird.

- Fixed scan halting issues on some versions of XP.

- Removed dependency on shlwapi.dll.

- Various Vista fixes.

- Improved stability on Windows XP x64.

v1.01.021 Beta

- Improved error logging.

- Added ctrl/shift multiple select of items in list view,

using either space bar or check boxes.

- Changed column heading from 'Location' to 'Path'.

- Changed column heading from 'File name' to 'Filename'.

- Changed 'Filter' to 'Find'.

- Redefined 'Unrecoverable' state to 'Very poor'.

- Improvements to recovery algorithm.

- Minor UI changes.

- Various stability fixes.

v1.01.017 Beta

- First beta release.

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