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inf del.shorcut [uninstall] question

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icant get a desktop shortcut to be deleted via [uninstall] in a inf ,maybe someone can give me an example..thx

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To add a shortcut to the desktop using ProfileItems try something like this (notice I leave out the SubDir=)

Name = Shortcut Name,0x00000008,25
CmdLine = 16422,%PROG_DIR%,Program.exe
WorkingDir = 16422,%PROG_DIR%

To delete it use

Name  = Shortcut Name,0x0000000A,25

I just change the flag from 0x00000008 to 0x0000000A (,25 is the desktop number)

Here are some other custom flags I discovered

0x00000008,2 = %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs

0x00000008,5 = %UserProfile%\My Documents

0x00000008,6 = %UserProfile%\Favorites <- Perfect for adding custom IE Bookmarks

0x00000008,7 = %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

0x00000008,8 = %UserProfile%\Recent

0x00000008,9 = %UserProfile%\SendTo

0x00000008,11 = %UserProfile%\Start Menu

0x00000008,13 = %UsersProfile%\My Documents\My Music

0x00000008,14 = %UsersProfile%\My Documents\My Videos

0x00000008,16 = %UsersProfile%\Desktop

0x00000008,19 = %UsersProfile%\NetHood

0x00000008,20 = %WinDir%\Fonts

0x00000008,21 = %UserProfile%\Templates

0x00000008,22 = %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu

0x00000008,23 = %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs

0x00000008,24 = %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

0x00000008,25 = %AllUsersProfile%\Desktop

0x00000008,26 = %UserProfile%\Application Data <- Perfect for QuickLauch

0x00000008,27 = %UserProfile%\PrintHood

0x00000008,28 = %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data

0x00000008,31 = %AllUsersProfile%\Favorites <- More IE Bookmarks

0x00000008,32 = %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

0x00000008,33 = %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Cookies

0x00000008,34 = %UserProfile%\Local Settings\History

0x00000008,35 = %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data

0x00000008,36 = %WinDir%

0x00000008,37 = %WinDir%\system32

0x00000008,38 = %ProgramFiles%

0x00000008,39 = %UserProfile%\My Documents\My Pictures

0x00000008,40 = %UserProfile%

0x00000008,41 = %WinDir%\system32

0x00000008,43 = %CommonProgramFiles%

0x00000008,45 = %AllUsersProfile%\Templates

0x00000008,46 = %AllUsersProfile%\Documents

0x00000008,47 = %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

0x00000008,48 = %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

0x00000008,53 = %AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Music

0x00000008,54 = %AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures

0x00000008,55 = %AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Videos

0x00000008,56 = %ResourceDir%

0x00000008,57 = %ResourceDir%409

0x00000008,59 = %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning

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