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SP3 RC1 aka build 3244


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Yeah, Rick has a SP3 update pack. Just a heads up, I have tried to switch over to SP3 but unfortunately I had a sound card issue and could not fix it. There are a lot of people with the same issue, specially with HD systems. I have not yet found a fix for it.

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WindowsXP_KB835221_x86_ENU.exe is the file you need to fix audio got it from thehotfixshare.

i keep forgetting about nlites patching since i mainly use rvmintegrator.

and yeah i tried ricks update pack, on the 1st service pack. it was good.. i think 1-2 files though need to be updated now. also pack says 1.04 and when integrating comes up as 1.03??

not really bothered with wmp11 & ie7 since i use mpc and firefox portable. ;)

give us a yell(pm) when your done rick,


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