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How to make [AddOn] Vista RTM Boot Screen v5 for XP


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You can actually cab your moded files and drop the the files in your 1386 folder of your XPCD, then make the ISO and it works, unless your wanting to share and thats why you want to make the addon. Let me know if you want the addon. I will attempt it.

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Or just download this hotfix http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?showtopic=5734 and extract and patch the ALL files with your boot screen and replace the ones in my addon http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=804

OK can you can you clarify it a bit. I mean i downloaded WindowsXP_KB940322_x86_ENU.exe. Then i extracted it using 7zip. These are the files inside:


















Now what should i do?

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I downloaded Hotfix Extractor by MUIZ and then Unpacked WindowsXP_KB940322_x86_ENU.exe.

There is a folder named SP2QFE , which contains the same file which you used in your addon.

Now just to be sure i have to edit all 4 files as shown in the "How to Modify Logon Screen & Boot Screen" and then replace them in your addon.

By the way please can you tell me how should i add the logonui.exe & Winlogon.exe to my XP CD.

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