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runonceex ,hardware driver install window appears


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lately ive ben having trouble with the runonceex portion of my unattended install,normaly after oobe execution,my runoncex entries get installed without a hitch.but for some reason i get my optical and hard drives getting installed and having windows accepting the installs and finaly asking to reboot.i find this very odd,i havint change anything really since my last builds(and yes i use bashrats drivers).i think i may have narowed down a few possible changes i made that maybe whats causing this;

-*lately benn using nlite to do my integration needs(update packs and addons etc.).

-but ive also ben adding one hotfix,WindowsXP-KB943460-x86-ENU,wich updates shell3d.dll and xpsp3res.dll files.

-other possibilities include;onepieces updated ie7 addon,and the PatchAddon_SYSSETUP_INF_v13d.

*i acctualy changed from using rvm integrator to nlite cause of the new ie7 addon.(the rvm 8.3 mod addon had issues and needed users to apply or re-apply the syssetup patch after integrating the new ie7addon)

n e ways this where im at, if anyone can see a possibility plz help.thx

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Well bober,

I have been working on this problem for a long time with no luck, I will be doing some more testing that was suggested, be patient and I may have a solution.

hang tight mate.


Only 177 files to go hah

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