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Can anyone help me ?

MaHmOuD Omar

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Depends what kind of addons you want to make, if its silent switch addons there are programs such as CMenu that can find the silent switches of programs and you make 7zip silent switch addons using nlaom (nLite addon maker)

If its INF (True) addons then there are several programs you need. You can find most if you integrate Kels UberPack

It took me awhile to learn how to make addons (about a year to get where I am now) and if you stick around long enough you may learn also

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Welcome all

I want to ask you a question

How I Make for the program addons ?

What The way to make addons and what the programs if i need ?


For Starters the programs that are needed are:






I am still new to addon creating but this is from off the top of my head. There are some inf info documents that I will try to get to you, if Rick doesn't beat me to it.

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If you want to learn INF you are going to need allot more patience than what you exhibited here today, if you don't have the staying power to hang around the forum for less than a day then I can predict you may never learn.

You cant just pop up one day and say "HEY TEACH ME INF" and expect to learn in a few hours... Takes months

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