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Is it possible to add a name to every file at one time?

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OK, I am working on a addon that has around 542 files and around 54 folders, it has a lot of the same file name. So I would like to be able to go in a folder and add the folder name ever file with the folder name in front of it.

ex. inside a (testing 1 folder), there is a number of files.

  1. testing.txt
  2. testing.jpg
  3. testing.url

I am wanting to add a "testing 1" in front of every file.

  • testing 1testing.txt
  • testing 1testing.jpg
  • testing 1testing.url

I don't think it's possible but, just a thought and it never hurts to try. LOL . Thanks

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I use CMenu to add =1 after all my SourceDisksFiles

In your case right click the folder with the files and choose More Options->File Management->Directory List

Now you add whatever you want before or after the files




Thanks Rick, but I was talking about the files before cabbing. I knew that was going to be confusing. LOL. So sorry, I didn't think about how to say it until I saw this message.

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