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Windows Live Photo Gallery Addon?


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I havent seen a photo gallewry addon, but i can say that it requires many things to be installed on machine. For example microsoft sql server compact edition 2005.

I just tried to install the program right after my custom XP installed and it says that SQL Server Compact needed to be installed, so that's a definite. It runs fine after installing SQL Server, so it doesn't need anything else that isn't already in my windows install.

Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 2005 is only 1.73MB. I don't think it would be to hard to integrate it into an addon for someone who knows what they're doing. I unfortunately have no clue what I'm doing. :confused02:

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OK, I've just completed my first ever attempt at an addon. I haven't tried it in an install just yet, but I'm sure it will work as planned. The only thing I would like to figure out now is how to add a registry entry to associate photo files with the program.

Here is my oh soooo complicated AutoIT code. (please don't laugh) :blush:

RunWait(@SystemDir & '\msiexec /i "' & @ScriptDir & '\sql.msi" /quiet')
RunWait(@SystemDir & '\msiexec /i "' & @ScriptDir & '\Install_{257E440F-781F-459B-9A68-A0872B80C1D6}.msi" /quiet')

Here is a download link to the addon....


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OK, so my above effort only works for the Photo Gallery, SQL Server doesn't install with the windows install.

Since the above didn't work and after more reading I tried to use the nlite addon maker to make two separate addons. The Photo Gallery addon works fine, just like my first effort, but the SQL Server still doesn't install with windows. With both SQL Server addons I made they will install AFTER windows boots for the first time and I run the addons manually, but thats not what I want.

So, can anyone tell me how to make an addon for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact? Or is there another way to slipstream it into the windows install?

This is the last hurdle keeping me from finishing my custom install.

Please help!

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