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Need help installing some drivers unattended


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Hey everyone !!!

Maybe some of you experts can help me out. As you can tell I own a Sony UX MicrPC, this little bugger has a huge amount of drivers & software for everything to work correctly etc. I belong to a forum dedicated to the Sony UX and I have released a few different driver & application packs for the UX, Sony likes to pack the software with model checks and the newer models come with Vista which is complete shat specially on this tiny UX, long story short. I have the following packs

Windows XP - Basic driver & application pack ( no model checks )

Windows XP - Auto driver & application pack ( no model checks either )

Sull's Integration pack v1.1 ( this integrates everything into your own XP CD )

The Sony is the most finicky computer I have ever owned as far as installing drivers and software, they have to be installed in the correct order or everything does not work correctly, this can be hard when there is 30 drivers and applications, these packs I made make it a breeze. The problem I have lies within the Auto driver & application pack, this pack is for the user who does not want to mess around integrating the drivers & applications into there own Windows XP CD and does not want to use my basic pack because it takes so long to install, this pack consists of one executable which will install all the drivers & applications unattended.

A bat file is executed which will install everything, now the problem is the way I try and install the drivers, what I did was back up all the drivers I needed using drivergenius and then used drivergenius to make a executable which I use a switch to run it silently, this executable with all the drivers does not always install all of the drivers, so my question is do you know of a better way I could install approx 24 drivers while Windows XP is running and I would like for it to be relatively easy + of course unattended ?


oh and all the drivers are in inf form...

Hopefully I did not bore you and it all makes some sort of sence :questionmark:

Thank you

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I can easily back up the drivers and create driver packs. That's whats included in "Sull's Integration Pack" but not everyone wants to integrate the drivers right. I am looking for a method I can install all the drivers while XP is running, not in a fresh install.

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Yes that will keep the drivers...that is not really my problem..

This is what I am trying to accomplish..

say for example:

I just installed Windows XP using a fresh untouched ISO.

Now I want to install a whole list of drivers unattended, they are all in inf form. How can I do this ?

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