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SP1 Failed to Fix Several Windows Vista Bugs, Do We Need SP2?

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As we all know Microsoft released first service pack for Windows Vista this March and tried to fix all broken things in Vista including bugs, performance issues, security issues, etc.

When Windows Vista was under testing, I found several bugs and reported them to Microsoft but to my disappointment, almost all of them are still present in SP1. Only 1 bug got fixed in SP1 but other bugs are still present and can be easily re-created. So I want to ask you a simple question! Do you think, its time for Microsoft to release SP2?

I posted an article earlier containing all Vista bugs which can be easily re-created on any Vista machine. One of them is as following:

File Renaming Bug:

This bug appears when you try to change a file name as well as its extension.

First make sure "Hide extensions for known file types" option is disabled in "Folder Options". Now open Explorer and try to rename a file. Type a new name and also change its extension, then click on empty area in Explorer, Windows will show a confirmation dialog box. Click on "Yes" button. As soon as you click on "Yes" button, a weird selection rectangle will be created from the point you clicked on empty area to the "Yes" button location.


There are several other bugs which are very annoying. So please take a look at the following article:

[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows Vista Facts, Bugs and Goof-ups

So after reading the article, pls post your opinions. What do you think, is it time to expect SP2 for Windows Vista?

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