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Silent installation of Skype.


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What is the easiest way to install Skype silently?

Found this:

msiexec /i Skype.msi INSTALLLEVEL=1 STARTSKYPE=FALSE ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS=:RemoveStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst /qr

But that wont work.

I dont want any plugins for webbrowers.

I dont want a desktop shorcut.

I dont want it to autostart with Windows.

I want start menu shortcuts.

Thanks in advance.

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Still bissy.

At Skype.msi you need to edit Property with Orca.

There i changed:




I have this in the config.txt:

RunProgram="Skype.msi /qn TRANSFORMS=Settings.mst TRANSFORMS=:RemoveStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst /norestart"

But i didnt make TRANSFORMS=:RemoveStartup.mst and TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst, i only made the Settings.mst (with installlevel1, allusers1 and startskype=false). Those RemoveStartup and RemoveDesktopShorcut i took from this link:


Hopefully it worsk.. I the Skype.exe now with Skype icon.


The RemoveStartup doesnt work, it autostarts after the installation. But there is no Shorcut on my desktop. Will search an alternative way of removing the startup, maybee i can find it with orca in skype.msi.

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If you have two transforms you can add them to the same section, just seperate them with a comma like this (BTW remove the colon and quote them)


Or you can make one transforms file with both the shortcut and startup removed

I will dl the installer and see if i can find the startup thing to delete

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Found it:


Just did it like he did in his video with InstallShield, deleted toolbars and the run on startup then repacked it. :)

Thanks for telling me about:


And your video about making it.


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