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[WALLPAPER REQUEST] Modded XP-Tan Wallpaper


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Heya guys!!

I wish for my XP-based machine to have the wallpaper shown here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_raDp1maFPQY/RsfbpA.../s400/XPtan.jpg

But, even to untrained eyes, this image has some obvious imperfections (like white spots and *incorrectly* colored areas). Mostly, I think this is because of the JPEG image compression, causing the image to lose some quality.

All I'm asking is for::

-imperfections to be corrected (like white spots and other color errors),

-the lines to become more defined (and the text of XP-tan's leg to be not-so-blurred, and a little more straightened please, but still conforming to her curvature), the Windows Logo on her shoulder to be not as skewed.

**Also, I'm planning to have a "Darksided" Windows XP (with XPize Darkside + Royale Noir + etc.) --> So, can you make a couple of variations, one that keeps this bright-glistening-shine background, and another with a more midnight-stargazing-dark-blue-black-purple-ish feel?

* Size::

Preferably a standard desktop size, ie 15" screens (1024x768) --> I would appreciate it if the file is saved in a format in which the quality does not degrade (PNG maybe)

* Color(s)::

enough to correct imperfections and add a midnight feel to it ;)

* Text::

Correction to the "Microsoft Windows XP" text + Windows Logo

* Pictures::

Windows logo + Microsoft Windows XP logo for manipulation; main image here http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...=image&cd=1



NOTE:: I've tried to correct the imperfections myself, but hell, I'm no artist ... And I by far will not know how to add a midnight feel to it ...



Thanks a lot guys!! I really appreciate it ;) !!

NOTE:: I also posted a request up on MSFN: http://www.msfn.org/board/WALLPAPER-REQUES...de-t125607.html . If somebody takes it on either post, I will make proper edits to the respective thread to signal that its being worked on/ taken elsewhere.




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