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[Request] How to do that ?


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Hi @ all !

I have few questions about INF sections & commands. Hope that anybody can help me. :graduated:

Links for tutorials will be APPRECIATED.

////////////////////////////////////QUESTION #1//////////////////////////////////////////

I need more explanations on this (or a tuto link) :


11,,MMM.exe,1,,"" <------------- saw in Kal_CandyPack_Addon_123

I'd like to automatically launch a app immediatly after his manual installation (using [DefaultInstall] section). My apps already have a link in %allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

////////////////////////////////////QUESTION #2//////////////////////////////////////////

How to Set, in [DefaultInstall] section, Attributes for Files and Folders (without, i.e, using CMD /Q /C ATTRIB +S +H """%16422%\%BACKUP_DIR%""")

////////////////////////////////////QUESTION #2//////////////////////////////////////////

If anybody have any links/tutorials or any kind of help for sections & lines below (what is means ???).




"D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" <------------ THIS LINE

Thanx.( :please: )


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This cannot set file attributes only security for files and reg entries (and I only have a vague idea of which of them do what)



To set file attributes read INF_DOC.ZIP and search for "tasks.htm" to show you how to use AddReg to set attributes to files, if you have problems come back and post the location and names of the files and I will make you the addreg entries that will set the file attributes

This simply launches MMM.exe using RegisterDLLs


But if I were kal I would use this instead


I removed the 1 because MMM.exe is not a self registering DLL and added 5 because thats where the timeout of the dll registering process goes, the default is 60 or 1 min; this means that the INF will simply run MMM.exe and wait for 1 minute for it to do its thing...by me changing it to 5 it will lauch the program and wait only 5 seconds then continue even if the exe is still running

Here is the RegisterDLLs section thingy:

dirid, subdir, filename, registration flags[, [optional timeout][,argument]]

A register-dll-section can have any number of entries, each on a

separate line.

RegisterDlls-Referenced Section Entries


Specifies the destination directory ID of the file to be

registered. For more information, see Using Dirids.


Optional. Specifies the directory path, relative to the current

directory, to the file to be registered. If not specified, the

file is in the current directory.


Identifies the file name of the OLE control to be registered.

registration flags

Indicates the registration operations to perform on the OLE

control. One or both of the following flags must be specified.

Value Meaning




Call the OLE control's

DllRegisterServer function

(described in Platform SDK




Call the OLE control's

DllInstall function

(described in Platform SDK


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Hi ricks !

Thanks for quick reply. As usual, your help is usefull.


In my case, I'd like to do a manual install of a app located in %16422%\%MY_APP_PATH%\MyApp.exe et just after that lauch this app. This is what i'm trying to do and i dunno how.

How can i apply your explanation ? I try this but it failed : 16422,%MY_APP_PATH%,MyApp.exe,,1,""


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Try this


Where you see "/Switches" you add the programs silent switch and if you want you can probably bump up the timeout to 2 minutes using 120 here:


Not guaranteed to work but its worth a try

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