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Character Problems with Service List

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I've recently got a problem which i don't know what causes it.

I need help!


As you can see above, for some reason my service names are corrupted! Turkish characters are causing trouble with them. At first i though it was something related to fonts, but as you can see some of the services with Turkish characters are corrupt while the rest are OK! Then i thought maybe it's something due to service.msc file. I've tried replacing it with an untouched one but... Still the same. Then i tried listing the services from command line and saw they are the same there. It's like they're getting corrupted whilst they are being registered. But, this is not only services related. After a live install, i've seen the same problem at Device Manager too!

I'm stuck, out of ideas...

Does anybody have any idea why it happens like this?

PS: This screenshot is captured from WmWare just after the installation finished. Yes, i have also installed this to a live system and it has the same problem. No, i don't remember adding or changing anything that might cause such an error.

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