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Installing XP Unattended from USB


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Can anyone tell me how can i install a nlited Windows XP SP3 from a 4GB USB Flash Drive?

I have found an article on MSFN but i am not sure is it the best way to install from USB drive. I don't want to run from USB drive. I only want to install from the USB drive.

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Its to do with your BIOS.

You need to change the Boot Settings so that it boots of a USB Drive.

I'm not sure whats it called buts its there.

Just make sure you have it 1st boot then what ever you want after..

Hoped i helped. :)

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Thanks snakecracker, but i already know that.

What i am asking is how to use the USB Drive to Install XP to the hard disk.

Just copying the files from the CD to USB doesn't work. I want to know the correct way to do it?

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Right I just got this site from google.

It seems to be what your looking for:


Good Luck :)

Wow! :thumbsup_anim: That article is awesome but it is no what i was looking for.

In my last post i told you that i just want to use the USB drive to install XP to the hard disk. I don't want to install XP on the USB drive, just want to use it as a source for installing windows to the hard disk.

I actually found the How to install from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI on MSFN.

But thanks for your help anyways cause i must agree that the article you gave me is awesome.

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I know the answer was already given, but sometimes a video helps also. I came across this when looking for a way to do this on my Acer Aspire One, which doesn't come with an optical drive.

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