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[Addon] HardLink ShellExtension (Updated 31.05.2009)

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The NTFS file system implemented in NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows XP-64 supports a facility known as hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX command ln included in the Windows Resource Kit or the fsutil command utility included in Windows XP. Thus, using standard Windows facilities Hardlinks can only be created at the command prompt, which can be tedious, especially when Hardlinks to multiple files are required or when one only makes occasional use of Hardlinks. Support for Junctions in standard Microsoft software offerings is even more limited than that offered for Hardlinks.

PS : Description found on the Web.

Publisher : Hermann Schinagl

License : Free

Version :

Systems : 2000/XP/Vista

Languages : DEU, ESP, ENU, FRA, ITA

Btn_Telecharger.png Compatibility_EN.png

Size : 4.46 MB

MD5 : 4FDC058B1B0D15FD2E6108A306654866

Changelog :

31.05.2009 :

  • File Entries_LShellEx.ini : Fixed assemblys bug (Thanx Nico, from upd.fr)
  • File Entries__WBEMOC.ini available for RVMi 1.5.3 users.

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