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Windows Logon hanging in the background


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Sorry not sure what your saying

But are you saying when you go to shut down windows it stays running with the logon on the screen?

And does it shut down in the end??

It takes some time for my mums laptop to shutdown as well last time it happened it took about 5-10minuts for it to shutdown!!! :tumbleweed: :blink:

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OK, when I shut down/restart, the screen turns black and where the option for "force close program etc" it says "Windows Logon" but before I get the chance to select it it shuts down. It didn't do this the 1st time I installed 7 on this lappy.

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Oh that happens on my computer alot. I'm not sure if its any problem but to me its just closing a program thats running when windows is trying to shutdown.

Could be some sort of bug?

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