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Logon Screen Changer For Windows 7 (All Versions)

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I've made a small addon that will change your logon screen to what ever you want it to be.

I've got a default logon screen which is this: (Made By Me)



Heres some more wallpapers you can add: (Click to download .WA file)




You can change this by using:

1. 7zip and extracting all the files.

2. Once you have extrated all files get your wallpaper you want to use and name it to: backgroundDefault (Your image file must be in JPG format and the size should be less than 256 KB.)

3. After you have done this use 7zip and highlight all the files and Add to Archive (Right Click, 7zip - Add to Archive)


4. Name the file to: SnakeCracker's_Logon_Screen_Changer_AddOn.WA and make sure its set to Ultra compression and click Ok


5. Integrate The addon Using the Addon Integrator and your done. :)

Or If you want me to make you one give me a link to the wallpaper and i'll make you one :)

If you get bored of the Image you have installed no need to go reinstalling windows 7 to change..

To change your logon screen do this:

1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds

2. Make a Backup copy of the backgroundDefault.JPG

3. Grab an image you want to use as your logon screen and paste it into C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds and rename it to backgroundDefault

(Make sure its under 256KB and is a JPG format!)

4. Restart and see the change! :)

Works On: x86 and x64

tabdownload.png (Windows Live SkyDrive)

size.png219KB (224,586 Bytes)

post-4451-1205780671.png 27578F46C8F36A001BD1233FFE01D2F2

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