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[Upcoming Addon] Cab Maker


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The First version is out here

well i wanted to post about an upcoming tool

i'm already working on

it's the same as makecab but would be working with Vista and 7

but i just wanted to remember as i didn't use MakeCab since a while

well it works that way

you choose a folder and it makes a cab for it

that all i did until now

i can make it when added a cab file it extract it

so anything you want to add please tell me

the tool still in a work stage

hope the tool be out soon

What have been Done So Far

1-choose the Folder and the cab would make a cab for it

2-choose a cab file and it would be extracted

3-choose a file that not a cab compressed and it will compress it to cab (using makecab command)

4-Choose multifiles and it will compress it (if you want to compress some files not a hole folder)


1-Cabbing And Extracting in the Drive is not possible(in C: or D: etc..)<<Vista and 7 UAC Problem( i added the Run As Administer to work in any place)

2-Autoit compiler takes a lot of space (almost 300 kb)(something i can't fix sadly it how autoit compiles)

Also What Icon should i make it for the program


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I was making a Windows 7 Icon pack for XP and I made one especially for CabTool...too bad I dont have it in 128x128


Maybe it will give you inspiration

well one thing i'm bad in is using Photo Shop

i'm good at googling :P

this icons i found it on the net

if any one wants to make on it's ok

and thx for that one Ricks it looks cool


i think it doesn't matter the size

it would only be the icon in the SendTo

i wouldn't make an out shortcut for it

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