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[SVCpack] Kaufman Tray Launcher v 1.10


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Kaufman Tray Launcher v 1.10

Shorcut launcher via system tray


This is an application that sits in the tray and displays various pre-configured software shortcuts.

You can use this application if you want to speed up your application start process, because it allows you to open your software more quickly.


1) Auto Startup item

2) Install to %programfiles\Kaufman TrayLauncher

3) No ununinstaller. All files are standalone.

4) You can replace your own shortcut setting (Launchers.ini is located in %programfiles\Kaufman TrayLauncher) via KaufmanTrayLauncher01SI.exe after you have configured it thru the program GUI.

5) KaufmanTrayLauncher02Edit.exe is a launchers.ini self-editor (Autoit complied script). It modifiies your Drive letter to systemdrive letter. Support ?\windows & ?\Program files path only. (Useful in dual-boot system)

6) Sample Launchers.ini is provided with different Drive letter. After installation, it should map to your system drive letter.


Size: 537.63 Kb (550,534 bytes)

MD5: 0BB6A9C60C74BAA6EABD3DB48C380C79


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