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T-Mobile / HTC Pulse


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I'm looking for a new phone and I've just seen the HTC Pulse, it's the first PAYG Android phone I've ever see and I've got a few questions about it and Android in general.

1) What version of Android does it come with and how do you update it, if I use a custom ROM will I never be able to get the customised ROM T-Mobile put on it back?

2) Is there an option in Android that will let me only check for email on WiFi and not using Edge or 3G don't want my credit going down the drain without realising it.

3) Doe it have a multimeter to when you turn the keyboard adjusts like on the iPhone?

4) Anyone know how much onboard storage it has, the G1 only had a small partition so Google struggled to bring Android updates to it because space was tight.

5) For

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