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[Tool] Resource Patcher


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Windows XP Resource Patcher v0.7.1 Script By: Fixit.


This script will, patch all your personal *.*.res files from a "resources" folder placed next to the patcher in the XPCD source folder.

if wanted it will leave a debug.ini log with patch information and a folder with all Reshacker logs for each patched file

folders/files that are currently patched/checked for matches are:










Resource Patcher

Version: 0.7.1



(Date: 3-Mar-'10)


Size:569 KB




~ Windows XP only

~ "Resources" folder with resources in .res format (res file name must resemble the file u want to be patched, for E.G. "shell32.dll" it's "shell32.dll.res")

~ "Programs" folder with: Reshacker.exe(Please download and install "Reshack_setup.exe" before executing the Tool)

v0.7.1 - 3-Mar-'10

~First release


: Just an exe file

: Extra thanx to: Dougiefresh, HJW and to n7Epsilon for PEChecksum and his kind permission to include it!

: Needs Reshacker.exe to work.


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