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Folder Frenzy v0.2.1


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Folder Frenzy v0.2.1 Script By -Fixit-


i recently had to create a lot of new folders (about 150 which i really didn't feel like.. lol)

and in stead of putting a lot of time in to that i wrote a little program to do it for me :)

this might also be helpful to some.

Folder Frenzy v0.2.1



(Date: 26-May-'10)


Size:432 KB


hope this will save u some time.



change log:

v0.2.1 - 26 May 2010

~added checks

~added a menubar and about

v0.2 - 25 Apr 2010

~added extra checks

~bug fix in the update function

~on errors or if a folder already exists an info message will be shown in the main window

~counter resets when a different folder name is used in the same session with the list creator.


: Just an .exe nothing will be installed.

: u can add a list of names to the large list box via copy past or just by typing them in. (you can also paste a list for e.g. made by Folder Content Lister)

: a single name like "New folder" per line will result in the folders being created where the program is run from

: to specify the location type the full path on each line like

: "C:\new folder"

: "C:\new folder 2"

:or use the build in list creator for your convenience. u can add up to a 1000 folders at once!

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