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[Addon] Nero Suite 8 Lite (ENU/FRA)


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NeroBR8_Banner.pngNero Burning ROM

Publisher : Nero AG

License : Trial

Version :

OS : 2000/XP/Vista

Language(s) : English/French

Btn_Download.png Compatibility_EN.png

Size : 43 MB

CRC-32 : df8b0ded

MD4 : c421b55c8f22d21191d338c7787f2ca3

MD5 : d1ef2d3b47663a750f7c77f3922b52b4

SHA-1 : b8c2b0e36848895d5ef73426f2a792c4dcc70cd9

Followings Apps are included in Nero 8 Micro (+ Help Files) :

  • Nero Burning Rom
  • Nero Express

Installed Components:

  • Nero Audio Plugins
  • Nero VideoCD Support

Custom AddIns:

  • Nero InfoTool
  • Nero ControlCenter added to Control Panel

Included in Nero 8 Lite:

  • Nero Burning Rom
  • Nero Express
  • Nero Cover Designer
  • Nero Wave Editor
  • Nero Toolkit (BurnRights, DiscSpeed, DriveSpeed, InfoTool)

Installed Components:

  • Nero Audio Plugins
  • Nero VideoCD Support

Files Association : .nab, .nhf, .nhv, .nmd, .nr3, .nr4, .nra, .nrb, .nrc, .nrd, .nre, .nrg, .nrh, .nri, .nrj, .nrm, .nrs, .nru, .nrv, .nrw, .nsd


  • Based on/inspired by Nero Micro True Addon by Preputium64
  • Supported Languages : english & french
  • it's installable/uninstallable with Add/Remove Windows Components function.
    Nero 8 Lite's Sub-components: Nero Burning ROM , Nero CoverDesigner, Nero WaveEditor
    Nero 8 ToolKit's Sub-components : Nero BurnRights , Nero DiscSpeed, Nero DriveSpeed, Nero InfoTool
    The deletion of Nero Suite 8 Lite means deletion of ALL others components
    The deletion of Nero Burning ROM means deletion of ALL others components
    Addon available here coming from Nero Lite (build & downloadable from updatepack.nl
  • NONE serial given .
    This is how to register Nero :
    • extract (with 7Zip, WinRAR...) addon
    • Open Nero8L.inf file, go to [strings] section & give infos below:

    ;--------------------- REGISTRATION INFOS ---------------------------------
    YOUR_NAME =""

    [*]After that, re-compress archive or install...Voil

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