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RIS Server Configuration Problem

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RIS Server Configuration Problem

Desktop Details


Partitions: C Drive (30 GB) D Drive 50 GB

OS Installed: Windows XP SP3

F12 Supportable Mother Board (Boot from Network Support)

Problem: I Am Unable to Reinstall XP in C Partition by Using RIS Server.

It is Formatting entire 80 GB HDD Installing the OS through RIS Server.

I did some modification in ristndrd .sif, I tested it is prompting Press enter to install in selected partitions. Press D to delete the selected partitions. Press C: to create Partitions.

1st I deleted all Partitions, created 30 GB & 50 GB partitions I installed OS in 30 GB .

Every thing is finished successfully through RIS Server .i login XP I opened the C Drive checked System Files. & opened the D drive checked free space & I kept some documents. Again I started the OS reinstallations through RIS Server.

This time it is not asking any options. Simply searching entire HDD and started OS Installation in D Drive and finished successfully.

Here the problem I am unable to install OS in C Drive

RIS Server Details: windows 2003 Server.

RIS Answer File Fully Automated .Here I am Attaching the .Sif File.

some one please help this issue



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