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WaiK sp1 Full Download Link


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ricktendo64 and Kelsenellenelvian, it appears that MS has substituted links for this "supplement" for all the Windows 7 WAIK links. I DLed the "supplement" and it certainly looks like exacty what ricktendo64 says and the ReadMe has instructions for replacing the current files. Now, I cannot find the Windows 7 WAIK and I need to look at it to see if I can find these files and replace them. Anybody have a link to the original that works? Thanks, John.

EDIT: I found my copy, thanks anyway.

EDIT AGAIN: Looks like MS has restored the links to W7 WAIK, but now I cannot find waik_supplement_en-us.iso. Really weird how MS thinks.


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WAIK now posted at Microsoft downloads is listed as version 3.0 and is a larger download - maybe it now includes the supplement.

ChiefZeke, the MD5 you posted on MSFN (1E73B24A89ECEAB9D50585B92DB5482F) is the same as the one on the KB3AIK_EN.iso I DLed some time ago (Properties date shows Oct 2010.) Enjoy, John.

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I burned a DVD using the most recent donload from Microsoft's download site - all files/folders had same date/time stamp as previously posted downloads. Seems Microsof is posting stuff that has not changed in months even though the size of the downlaod is different.

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dl size is the same, the one I downloaded last year is 1,789,542,400 bytes wich comes out to 1706.640625 MB (same as listed on the ms dl center)

Also MD5 match...you are probably talking about one they posted earlier which had a different name but was the same size as the supplement

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