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[Silent Install] [ColorsTheme] 7-Zip 9.22 Beta x86bits & x64bits

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7-Zip 9.22 Beta x86 & x64

Acerca: Exelente Compresor/Descompresor Gratuito. Con el Colors Theme.

Descargar.png Silents Install: x86

Nombre: 7z922.exe

CRC-32: d401fa63

MD4: 87fcc16b733edb7c4bbca096541f3a9e

MD5: 0877859dbfd46da2c35d42a96ce1a9e9

SHA-1: 41d562c1088198f3dea34f4a69c332624a747e73

Descargar.png Silents Install: x64

Nombre: 7z922x64.exe

CRC-32: f0a7667b

MD4: 30b897773cef52fe372b0636c4f896af

MD5: f852da9a71909ab7ed10a079323e89a3

SHA-1: 874dbd0e560886a338f50e0c1748db226c5cb702

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