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7-Zip Theme Manager v2.1


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An easy to use 7-Zip toolbar and filetype theme manager.

Many users of the excellent file archiver 7-Zip criticized its nostalgic appearance.

That's exactly where 7-Zip Theme Manager (7zTM) comes in and offers the tools to change the appearance of the archiver.

7-Zip Theme Manager will also help you replace the standard icon which 7-Zip uses for

SFX-archives (self-extracting archives) via a button in the main menu, so that it will be used for all future archives.

Here are some key features of "7-Zip Theme Manager":


· Toolbar Themes - change the look of the toolbar of 7-Zip

· Filetype Themes - change the look of archived files, for instance in Explorer

· 90 Toolbar Themes and 22 Filetype Themes integrated (wow!)

· changing the SFX-icon (self-extracting archive) is now possible


· automatic or manual search of the 7-Zip installation folder

· convenient activation of the Themes with just a click

· Themes previews integrated directly into the program

· multi-lingual user interface

· online update for up to date Themes and features

· possibility to create your own Themes

· supports 7-Zip 32-Bit and 64-Bit


· 7-Zip 4.65 or above (I tested with my own v9.22 beta True addon)

· Administrative rights

Access from All User's Start Menu: 7-zip Theme Manager

Uninstallable from Add/Remove Panel

Languages: German, English, Italian



Size: 9.12 Mb (9,560,168 bytes)

MD5: 3022F8CB5D41ED993F44CE68F60494F6

Note: This addon is not suitable with 7-Zip 9.23 alpha.

You need 7zTM.exe with version 2.1.1 for 7-Zip 9.23 alpha. (Not included in this addon)

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