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Can all Solor update's in one time be slipstreamd?


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Hallo guys...just one question for you about the solor updates.

It are a bounch of updates 370 or so.

Can you intgrate this updates in one time..or most i split the update's in 50 by 50 or something like that?

Like this way!!

mount . 50updates . commit....mount . 50updates . commit.....mount . 50updates . commit?

Thanks in advance!!

Grt Whatsup^^

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They can all be slipstreamed as selected; select all of them and it will take a while but eventually they will be integrated. When I did it took almost four hours so have something to do while it's happening.

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Current update, hotfixes and update packs can be found here http://hotfix2.cesidian.info/

Update related tools can be found here http://burf.cesidian.info/

Also you can find update as well ad individual updates and hot fixes packs at this repository http://www.windows-u...ker.com/hotfix/

why do I keep seeing solor update discussions when he quit and his repository is down? surely his updates are now out of date?

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