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  1. yes, it also changes the bootscreen if selected.. the bootscreen files are called blue.res, green.res and red.res
  2. Fixit

    7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)

    updated to version: V0.3 build 3001 ~ Fixed the font install code ~ New GUI background (thx Kirs) ~ updated mui file patch support ~ Lots of scrip updates and bug fixes ~ Shifted buttons and options around ~ Rewrote the complete translation code ~ Added better menu start button support ~ Updated selected pack preview function ~ Removed internal resources from the GUI ~ Added the option to restore the uxtheme files ~ GUI language can now also be manually chosen from the 7tsp menu ~ Detects if uxstyle core is running to auto skip ux file patching ~ A bitmap can now also be used for the copy/delete animations in stead of gradient colors ~ Updated the logonui preview function to better reflect how it will look like after patching ~ The restore button will now open a "Restore Menu" where all restore methods can be selected ~ Made more things optional, like the visual style, wmp skin, timedate cpl, sounds install, font install.... ~ Fixed a bug where logonui did not change when a "logonUI changer" has been used ~ basebrd.dll.res can now be added for home pro and ultimate (Extra\basebrd\basebrdhome.dll.res and basebrdpro.dll.res and resources\basebrd.dll.res for the ultimate or universal bitmaps)
  3. Fixit

    7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)

    it has only one system file.. a pack from this theme can be made in a few minutes depending on what u want to add.
  4. inderdaad, ik weet het ook niet... :g:
  5. hey West63, heb wat mirrors voor je op gezet. WinStyleNL Addon v1.2 rootdisc.7z groet Fixit
  6. Fixit

    XPtsp GUI v3.0.0.26 - February 27, 2012

    if you want your pack to have multi lang support, use the green pack for the gui, else it doesent realy matter on which one u base it...
  7. Fixit

    7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)

    Updated to version 0.2 build 2004 And all basic packs are updated adding the new copy/move/delete animation modifications...
  8. Fixit

    Wanna know Good Defrag tool..?

    to much fragmentation on the disk can cause slower performance.. try Mydefrag (formally known as jk-defrag) (also try cleaning up temp files with eg CCleaner to make some space..)
  9. Fixit

    [Tool]Task Manager Modder v0.7

    Updated to version 0.4. 14 Juli 2010 v0.4 ~Minor script updates ~added Se7en Beta SP1 Support
  10. Fixit

    Win7 SP1 Beta Official link

    Nice! Thanx for the link.
  11. Fixit

    7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)

    Updated to version 0.2b Build 2002
  12. Fixit

    7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)

    thanx! updated the GUI to version 0.2 ~Translation code is in and so far tnx to Tytynono the English (Translate 7tsp) file for the GUI has been translated to French! ~included Explorer windows arrows for the color packs ~Added Task Manager hexing support ~Removed all folders from the internal pack (Made a Black Pack to replace these) Regards
  13. Fixit

    Se7en System File Replacer 1.5.4

    Thanx, You're very welcome!
  14. Fixit

    [Tool]Task Manager Modder v0.7

    Updated to version 0.3 adding XP SP3 (x86) support!
  15. Task Manager Modder v0.6 Here is a tool I wrote for the 7tsp project in edition to the 7 taskmanagermods. With this tool the windows 7 Task Manager grids and lines can be customized with any color in 6 hex digits values, or just use the sliders fore some predefined colors (in any combination). Se7en Task Manager Modder, hex edits taskmgr.exe to set the custom colors. Date: 6-Mar-'11 Version: 0.7 Size: 1,12 MB Requirements: ~ Windows XP SP3 x86 and Seven RTM 7600+ x86/x64 only Notes: ~ Runs in Admin mode ~ Only the "taskmgr.exe" will be modified change log: 6 March 2011 v0.7 ~Updated for SP1 27 Juli 2010 v0.6 ~Minor script updates ~added the option to open a color Picker window for each hex value 22 Juli 2010 v0.5 ~added support for the English Task manager on xp x86 14 Juli 2010 v0.4 ~Minor script updates ~added Se7en Beta SP1 Support "01 Juli 2010 v0.3 ~Added XP SP3 x86 support I know.. pretty useless but have fun anyway!