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    Jon Marc Torred got a reaction from Jan Krohn in windows 7 august 2018 / Explain the difference and advantage from the Original clean version of Windows 7   
    IIRC, the Windows 7 2018 iso is a poor attempt at compiling updates. I see no advantages in installing it over the original ISO. I suggest that you install the original ISO then follow it up with the Simplix pack. I typically never use windows update anymore. This pack already contains all the relevant ones and it is just one executable.
    The sequence I use goes like this:
    1. Download a clean Windows 7 ISO
    2. Download the latest Simplix Updatepack, Directx, .Net Framework 4.8
    3. Put everything you downloaded in one folder
    4. Run the executable for the updatepack. (As long as the addons are in the same folder, they will be installed as well.)
    5. Wait for the process to finish.
    6. Finally, install the repack of Visual Runtimes from here.
    Just download the latest Updatepack if you want get the latest updates and do the process again. I doubt the Directx and NF 4.8 will get anymore updates but feel free to check. 
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