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  1. Absolutely, Eng is absolutely fine, thank you for reaching out to help, mate, really appreciate it!!
  2. Actually, dwiddling around the site I found the answer myself, so mleh. Double thanks to Snowballz Which begs a new question, @SnowBall sir, between the Ultimate SP1 ver. that you'd mentioned, and this current Aug 2018 ver. on the Clients... which one should be the chosen one?
  3. Okay here are some pics ALSO CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS, if you can see that is, IM BEGGING Also whoever's done the work for this website, nice job, everything is glazed to smoothereens. Okay: so: the above selected ISO is currently being downloaded, doesn't seem to have any problems, other than I'm unsure of its version / details obviously chopped up [ㅠㅅㅠ] so what is the deal with this particular Win 7? When the current "Official" win7 is unavailable? Thanks champs, just got here, great community.
  4. Good sir, may I humbly request that you PM me as well, for I seem to be in the very same troubles hard to deal with in these times
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