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  1. The file doesn't have to be corrupted - Microsoft sometimes release updated versions of ISO files. You can also try to download ISO from https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/ - be sure to change your browser's user-agent parameter to - for example - Linux; otherwise you will be forcibly redirected to download the Image Creation Tool.
  2. This would really help a lot of people. I'm sure lot's of them would even make a donation for such database. Above example is OK, but I would go for: "bytes" as file size (if such value is provided by MyVisualStudio); saving date/time in ISO 8601 format (so, taking the above, it would be "2004-07-28T21:12:00"); maybe use some other delimiter than comma (",") - for example "|". Just to prevent cases where comma is used in product name/description.
  3. I see. Sure, you should have revenue from your work (which is amazing by the way). On the other hand, we know that web is very fragile to many factors - maybe you will be forced to take down the database because of DMCA or simple lack of resources. I personally would pay you for such dump in SQL or CSV or any other reasonable format, so maybe you could offer such download possibility for donators? Please think about it. I saw many valuable content on the web took down overtime and I would really miss your fantastic project - which has real impact on general public's computer security.
  4. Hello, I think it will be a good idea to provide an offline version of the entire "Microsoft SHA1 Hash Archive from my.visualstudio.com". It could be a simple SQL dump file packed in ZIP archive - just to be able to recreate offline version of this database. It would really help in keeping this important database available for a long time. Greetings
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