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  1. Thank you, RightXD. I did manage to download Office 2007 and install it on Windows 10. There were no problems and the existing licence key was accepted.
  2. Microsoft will no longer let us download Office 2007, and the Heidoc tool also cannot obtain it. This is frustrating, as my partner has just upgraded to Windows 10 and finds he no longer has access to Office. He has the product key (but no disc) and, as a pensioner, he cannot afford to buy a more recent version. Office 2007 is sufficient for his needs and as he rarely uses the internet he should be quite safe. Does anyone know if it is safe to download the Office 2007 installer from archiv.org? There is a vast database of useful software there. I did manage to download an .exe
  3. Hi Tarun, Thanks for asking. Yes, on 24 Dec I managed to get Windows 10 on, 'over the top of' the second Windows 7 for which I had purchased a new key. It took a couple of all-nighters and some expert help. It turned out the problem with both drivers and installation was an incompatibility between the W10 installer and the RAID controller on my Dell Precision. I now have a Digital Licence for W10 - and so far, my main W7 is still showing 'activated'. I won't feel completely confident until W7 passes its deadline on 14 Jan but - so far so good. There is an absolute torrent of updates arriv
  4. I will try wiping the partitions on the SSD - thanks!
  5. Re: "We have an active discussion about this topic here: Possible loss of W7 OEM key on upgrading to W10 Nik: I am following this thread but unfortunately it is not generating any solutions!
  6. Hello Nik, I have read this in several places. One is PC World, which says " If you upgraded your current PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10, your Windows 7 license expired 31 days after the upgrade ". See https://www.pcworld.com/article/3050502/you-can-dual-boot-windows-7-with-windows-10-but-theres-a-catch.html. Another is https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/dual-boot-licensing-question/1a886559-b4b4-4553-9b1e-dbadbb7ecbb5, where Trekdozer says " No, you would need two licenses to dual boot two installs of Windows 7". (In my case, one of whic
  7. Interesting video but it does not deal with the licensing issue when you dual boot W7 and W10. I have read that, if you install W10 using your W7 key, your W7 will be deactivated 31 days later.
  8. Hi Tarun, I don't have time now for a long reply but I just wanted to report that a more knowledgeable friend has already tried to install W10 on the new SSD (after first partitioning the disk into 2 'drives'). In fact he tried two things: 1. Clean install of W10 on the SSD; 2. Install a second W7 first, then attempt to upgrade that to W10. One failed because it could not find the necessary drivers (although he had downloaded the correct driver CAB from Dell), and the other failed for reasons it did not report. After quite a long while it just said unhelpfully "Something happened. W10 i
  9. Hi again, I am collaborating with publishing groups and with individuals, almost all of whom are on W7. We share software & drafts and deadlines are strict (particularly now). I am sure much of this can be made to work on W10 but that will take time and there will be a learning curve to climb. Materials I send my contacts will be in the wrong format, will not work with old versions, etc etc. Been there, done that (with XP to 7). I need to manage the transition to W10 at my own pace at a time that suits my contacts and me. I had hoped to complete the upgrade at the end of Nov, a
  10. Hi Tarun, I work from home. My Windows 7 system is loaded with my software and packages, and for continuity, contract fulfillment etc, it is essential that this setup is not compromised - including W7 and Office possibly becoming deactivated. I have just installed a second W7 on a new SSD drive, with the aim of upgrading that to W10 and dual-booting while I make the transition. I bought a second key to activate it with, but the new W7 has activated itself using my main Windows 7 OEM key. The problem is ensuring that, when I upgrade this new W7 to W10, my OEM key is not gobbled up.
  11. Tarun, thanks for your reply. This is, in fact, what I did: buy a second Windows 7 key. I am sorry if I have not been clear. The core of the problem is that if you have two Windows O/S's installed, the one you activated most recently appears to over-write the key of the other W7 installation. It's as if there is only one 'OEM slot' on the BIOS - so that the machine can contain only one activation key for Windows. So when my 'new' W7 morphs into Windows 10, whatever key is on the BIOS at that moment wil disappear into a W10 licence. If my main Windows 7 key gets attached to Window
  12. I tried to post my question but - even though I was already logged into outlook.com - the bot made me log in again, then kept asking me to give a mobile number. I am a pensioner and I do not have a mobile phone - so I cannot log on and cannot get any help. It's really very discouraging.
  13. I have found this link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_licensing but it seems to be just a discussion (and flaming) between users like myself. I'd feel more confident if I got an answer from Microsoft. I will try posting my problem but do you know of a link where the admins are Microsoft staff, Mooms?
  14. Any idea how one does this, Mooms? I have totally failed to find any email address for Microsoft.
  15. Hi Nik, Tarun, Thanks for your further input. I understand that I can (hopefully) use my W7 key to activate W10, either with or without version 1909. I understand that to run both Windows 7 and Windows 10 - albeit not at the same moment - I need two licence keys. For some reason what I want to do is devilish difficult to explain! But I'll try again: A. I have W7 Pro with all my software, packages etc. It has an OEM key and is working perfectly. I do not want to touch this. To lose activation of this system would be disastrous. B. I want to move to W10 but to meet dea
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