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  1. Ok, just wanted to make sure it wasnt "account" related - or something with my gateway/switch blocking me all of a sudden. I had used your app before problem free. Thanks for the reply. Will try to give it some time and see. The media creation tool did work oddly enough, however I'm trying to obtain the 2004 iso.
  2. So i wanted to check here, even though i dont imagine it has anything to do with Windows ISO downloader directly, I figure the folks here are best poised to know whats going on. After choosing my language and hitting continue, the tool (and microsofts own website, as i tried to get an insider ISO directly through my browser) sits on the "validating your request this may take several minutes" screen perpetually. It never updates. I tried the browser, the tool. I tried two other pc's here in the house, and i even tried my iphone. Is microsoft having server issues at the moment or something?
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