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  1. You can find their website located @ Drive Space Indicator I inserted the updated 32-Bit AddOn for nLite: 'DriveSpace_v5.3.7.1_AddOn.7z' but nLite shows that this is version v5.3.3.0, It might just be that it is actually up to date but maybe not updated in the 'Entries_DriveSpace.ini' file the download is packaged with.. If so the Entries_in DriveSpace.ini need to be updated to show the correct information.
  2. Ahhh man, thats really some bad news ricktendo64, your VMware Lite installs are absolutely wonderful!! Thats a very understandable problem, I am forced to think that the VMware software makers / programmers / creators might have caught on to this, possibly and intentionally making it much harder for one to continue making the VMware Lite installs. Maybe you'll be able to find solutions or workarounds and continue your awesome work with the VMware Workstation Lite, but if not its understandable. We really appreciate all your hard work ricktendo64, you are one really skilled individual and personally I thank you for all your hard work and the time spent creating the wonderful work that you do.
  3. So It should look like This Exactly? With the "[ b ], [ /b ]" Brackets Unspaced as well. or simple like this, Without the Brackets? I thought these were just for making forum text bold, but I gotta be sure.
  4. Wow Thank You Soooo Much ricktendo64. Your so awesome with all your great addons and help and awesomeness!
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