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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the instructions in that link but it failed at the step with the recurse. I found the solution on sevenforums: https://www.sevenforums.com/installation-setup/415754-update-your-win-7-installation-media.html . I gave instructions on what I did to get it to work on post #804. Thanks, B
  2. Hi there, I am using WinToolkit to install a hotfix to a Windows 7 ISO. I am attempting to install Windows 7 Professional X64 on a new AMD laptop with an NVMe SSD. From trawling the internet it seems I have to install a hotfix in the form of an update from microsoft (KB2990941 + KB3087873). After I install the hotfix through WinToolkit it says "Install Pending". From looking through other threads this appears to be normal, but because I need this hotfix for the installation of the OS, I can't reboot to finish the installation of the hotfix. I'm stuck in a loop! Is there any way to finalise the installation before I attempt to install on the laptop? It naturally looks for drivers relating to the NVMe ssd when I try to install. Any help on this would be much appreciated! Regards, B
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