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  1. WOW long time since i have posted..... ANYWAY... in Beta 3 of Windows Server 2008, Windows Sidebar was present but in RC0 and RC1 it has dissapeared.... now im thinking they just removed the app... but everything else is their...... is their anyway you can take the Vista X64 Windows Sidebar and its registry entries and make an installer for Server 2008 for me??? Please let me know what you need.... Thanks
  2. uhhh....... link for VAIO integration not working.... i can go to their new site and download VIAO but its not for use for nLite...... rick.... ETA on fix?
  3. id say i loved you but that would make me gay... and well im not cool with that.... THX (i only posted the request as my attempts to just remove from the INF didnt help when i went to remove the gadget files)
  4. simply put.... Ricks infamous Sidebar Add-On with NO Gadgets... i always make sure to go online and get the latest and greatest when they come out.
  5. from what I can tell.... nothing pops up.... it registers an entry in teh Add/Remove.... however it goes no further.... kinda like app kill but unintended.... this sucks..... x64 works great with 8GB but no sidebar is killing me (and Vista SUCKS)
  6. hey rick, you think you can remake the install's or whatever needs to be changed to get this to work on XP x64.... I have gotten everything else to install but I cannot seem to get your sidebar to install (doing this manually i didn't want to integrate it...) THX if you can
  7. dot dot dot...... well ill just ask the question here.... Is their ANY way that *ricktendo64+the maker of XPize, and the soon to be createor of XPize black can get togeather to make one super pack instead of 3 individual ones that still require tweaking after install????? I love the ORB LClock and Black theme and updated icons ect ect. however they are always seporate and always default to the blue style when i only ever use the black themes..... anyway to make something like this happen or am i being to bold and posting in the wrong place....
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