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  1. Setember continue unavaible Windows 7 Pro SP1 and Pro SP1 Upgrade, and Windows 7 (August 2018) only US English, i need all pt-br and logo start traditional
  2. Hello Jan, thanks, so I will wait for Windows 7 en-se for September, I forgot to add, this error is in en-us, but I tested a couple of languages, the same thing happens. About Windows 10, I think I did not transcribe correctly, I know the differences pt (pt-pt for Portugal and pt-br for Brazil), but in the ISO Downloader where you select the language is only Portuguese, I don't know if it is for Brazil or Portugal , I understand that it comes straight from Microsoft but you know how to inform which country this Portuguese applies to? -------------- A correction the Portuguese (Brazil) was below the Portuguese, lack of attention from me, thank you
  3. Good afternoon, I don't speak English, I'll try to use a translator: Since Microsoft cleaned up the Win7 ISO on its website, I still can't find any well-updated place to download. I just want to pass on that in ISO Downloader I am also not able to download: Error, for Win7 SP1 and SP1 COEM. For Win7 (August 2018) only US available remains. I know that there are ways to translate, but as this is a community present, I believe that some Brazilian managed to download the latest ISO available from Microsoft I also add that in Windows 10 the language is only "Portuguese", and I don't know if it is from Portugal or Brazilian. Thanks in advance
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