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  1. hi kel! i was wondering if it would be possible to have something like modules from your pack that could be extracted to create individual addons for selected items only? it'll be cool if possible. :thumbsup_anim: my apologies if tedious. :sweatingbullets: as always, thanks for the support and effort to create addons for free use. edit: or can i just remove all .exes (& other related files) from CPLBONUS.CAB & remark lines in CPLBonus.inf pertaining to the ones i removed? thanks again.
  2. just wanted to report that i've already seen the away mode tab. i wonder ... would this not have an extra "Away" button as a Turn Off computer options (like Hibernate, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart)? is this even possible? thanks again.
  3. hi redrum! i maybe wrong but i think rick prefers hi rick! how's this coming along? thanks!
  4. hi DaRk MaDnEsS! tried it on a full updated sp3 live install & have already seen the orb for a split sec just before the welcome screen. thanks!
  5. great thanks! i just recall this being part of our old discussion (prior to the rel of sp3). cheers!
  6. thanks 5eraph! wouldn't the latest ver of msgina have any compatibility concern?
  7. sorry i don't quite get it ... i'm saying that it doesn't appear, even after many reboots, while i have the OS running in virtual machine ... i'll try to see if it shows when i'm done reformatting my hdd & reinstalling the OS using my latest build that has this addon. thanks!
  8. hi DaRk MaDnEsS! have already rebooted the VM several times but still don't see it. :tired: i'll keep this still in my build & see in live install. thanks! btw, i used the 2nd ver for integration ...
  9. hi rick! sorry for bumping ... you might have missed out on seeing this. appreciate your feedback.
  10. hi rick! just wanted to know if any has encountered this error when right-clicking on anything (i.e., My Computer) in ViStart? pls see pic attached. how do we remedy this? appreciate it.vistart error on right click.bmp
  11. hi DaRk MaDnEsS! i wonder if this works with what i already have integrated: Ricks_XP_to_MCE05_en & Ricks_MCE_Plus_AddOn & Ricks_Win7MediaCenter1.0_en? reason i asked is it i don't see it when Windows loads even if i had DaRkMaDnEsS_Vistaorb_addon2.1.rar. thanks!
  12. hahaha! saw this just now ... i thought there was really a thread for someone in need of money (well, me too ... everybody does) ... this made me laugh out loud
  13. hi kel! hope you don't mind if i move over our conversation here. maybe other readers could pick something from this. hi kel! checking on asms directory, i believe it could accommodate the new sub directories from your runtime (since the ones i see are labeled 60, 70 then skips to 1000). however, if i enabled asms compression via nLite, would this have any effect on successfully putting the 80 & 90 subs? thanks!edit: just checked on the result of integration ... i think pretty much it was handled successfully since i now see asms sub-directories 60, 70, 80, 90. isn't this a good indicator? thanks again.
  14. hi rick! just wanted to report that after installation, an update was requested: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 Security Update for Windows XP Tablet PC and Media Center (KB953295) ... i'll share this info with CODYQX4 too for his Table PC addon. perhaps this could be included in the next revision? thank you!
  15. appreciate this 0d14r3! btw, i got this suggestion when i was looking for orca:
  16. appreciate this Mr_Smartepants! i'll study this. currently, i'm looking into some addons that are executed like what i inquired about. cheers!
  17. hi! i'd like to seek your advice abt the ff: 1. how to create custom group for addons (& switchless installers) in start menu ... i.e.,: apps A, B & C will be grouped in All Programs -> Utilities (i've requested some from Kelsenellenelvian before & he was very accommodating ... thanks kel! ) a. with it's own start menu folder b. with no start menu group (i.e., shortcuts to .exe of apps A, B & C will be together in 1 folder only) 2. how to remove start menu groups & unnecessary shortcuts (i.e., app's website, readme, help, etc.), especially if shortcuts to .exe of apps A, B & C will be together in 1 folder only. please see some pics below to better illustrate my inquiries: custom grouping in start menu shortcuts & start menu folders to remove thanks!
  18. got lots too in my pictures & \Web\Wallpaper (the latter path i always include in my UA install). i like the idea of changing wallpapers regularly too. i check out nnCron. thanks Geej!
  19. hi! not to mean any disrespect, but changing wallpaper is just done in a few steps: right click (on Desktop) -> Properties -> Desktop tab -> Browse.... -> Look in: -> (choose an image) Open button -> Apply -> OK. i'm seeing this as either to lessen the slightly tedious step a bit ... or showing how to utilize the power of AutoIt ... either way, this work is appreciated ... let me try this Geej. cheers!
  20. hey learning_the_ropes! "kabayan"! (this means countryman) i see this is your 1st post ... do i know you? anyways, this is how it is (to partially quote (modified) some forum friends): most of the time, slipstream & integrate are used interchangeably ... wikipedia defines is as: could be worth reading too: i'm confident that others here will share their thoughts to shed better light to your queries.
  21. hi rick! how do i make this as plain ENU ver (taking out all the other languages)? do i just take out all the languages (.txt files) from the .cab & remove all references in the .inf? or would you happen to have a enu ver of this addon? appreciate it.
  22. that will be awesome rick. i'm sure there are others waiting for this too. just like my previous Qs, i need to know though if the updated vmware tools would work with VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 since this is what i have. would it upgrade the current vmware tool (in VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731) to the current vmware tool version (which you'd try to release)? btw, i recall you & kel combining your efforts on this before, right? this is a great addon esp for those always creating new unattended builds (to slipstream/integrate updates & addons). thanks a lot rick (same goes to kel)! cheers!dl link from the 1st post is broken.
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