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  1. we do not demand ... we politely request. remember, these are contributed freely by members & the least we can do is be thankful.
  2. hello! i've been trying to find the source of my problems with both powerpoint & outlook 2010. i used to have office 2003 fully updated (even with 2007 compatibility packs & service packs) & i just upgraded (option was to remove previous versions) to en_office_professional_plus_2010_x86_515486. excel, word & publisher all load up well but not for powerpoint & outlook. specifically i get the same errors for both: upon initial launch, error reporting always shows: Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. <Restar
  3. translated to english (via babel fish): xp can also use wmp12!!hi kaluola! are you telling us or asking? this addon simply changes the look of wmp11. cheers!
  4. hi dougiefresh! been waiting for this ... when i attempt to dl it though, site says: ERROR: File does not exist! where can i dl the addon? cheers!
  5. this is good news! will wait for the updates & try it out ... cheers!
  6. thank you for this ... btw, has cad 1.6 been considered for update or would it still be on ver 3 for xp?
  7. hi! you meant you wanted entries present in add/remove programs? not all addons put entries (specially for true addons that are fully integrated to your os) in arp while some do. which particular addons are you referring to? perhaps you can extract the contents & study the .inf & .ini files contained. if it is for uninstall purposes, try to request from the addon creator an uninstallable ver. cheers!edit: hehe! only realized rick already posted after submitting my reply. LeGendxp, rick likewise answered similar q here: How do addon
  8. thank you DaRk MaDnEsS!edit: i likewise encounter the same avast/avg prompt there's a virus ... although, you've already shown in another thread this is false positive ... just wondering if there's an existing work-around here ... atm, i'm always turning off my free anti-virus ... thanks for the work just the same
  9. appreciate it rick! was just a bit confused since the file is 18.2mb, just a little less than wmp11 installer itself Off Topic: (btw, i inquired about your ctl+alt+del (task manager) findings)
  10. hi orbit! says here that it installs wmp11 ... could you please clarify a bit for me because my setup is: slipstream wmp11 (via hfslip) together with all the wmp11 hotfixes ... when using this, does it mean i don't need to slipstream wmp11 any longer? & just like what dumpydooby inquired about, would this allow for future updates? appreciate it, cheers!
  11. hi rick! you recommending we ditch your addon? never thought about its effect on syssetup.inf but could there be a workaround for this so we can continue using this without any potential issue? even reported before that away button was visible in my install alright ... cheers!
  12. hi! yeah link is down ... perhaps, Jonnyboy is updating this & will re-up soon
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