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  1. can i use this addon to repair this problem? i make som changes only added "entries" and intergated with rvm intergator as update pack!! is this correct addon or no? does it make windows slowly or no? or wait for next update pack???? http://www.mediafire.com/?j4mhdzmeimy
  2. can i put this in my C.D or no,or this for live system only? if the answer for live system i want addon to intergating with my C.D ! thnx
  3. hey nice members!!! please i want sata drivers normal or in a true addon please thnx
  4. How are you members? can u help me to make addon? I want yahoo messenger true addon
  5. Hey!!!! When i intergate this update and but my boot screen in it in blue screen in inslation windows ..This mesage appears {mountmgr.sys is corrupred} What can I do?? Thnx
  6. Hello My problem takes place when setup windows in blue screen This message appears "mountmgr.sys is corupted" What can I do?? Thanx
  7. Hey men?? I want boot screen addon for this images http://www.damasgate.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=34987&stc=1&d=1265908965
  8. Pleze help me !!! When i put my boot screen files in one piece update old bootscreen appears and i tried to put them in ricktendo64 vista bootscreen addone by replace his files with my files To make addon like ricktendo64 and same problem .... old boot screen appears althought ricktendo64 files run well but my files no What problem Here??? My addon http://www.mediafire.com/?jjtaodejugy
  9. I mean 4 files ntkrnlmp.exe ntkrnlpa.exe ntkrpamp.exe ntoskrnl.exe We can edit The same file not pic. can u give me some boot screens matching with and put into LeGend XP???
  10. hey one piece i remove windows search and bitlocker with their files then when i open new windows i found tem
  11. I want to make this picture Pleze help me I want it in 4 files
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