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  1. No worries. The code is not well documented, if at all. So, if you have questions, feel free.
  2. Here is the source code for what I was working on last. I don't know if it works as is or not. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33523397/Inf%20Assistant.7z
  3. I'll look through my drives and see if I still have the source files.
  4. Sorry, but I did not see this post. This has been open since I first wrote it and is posted here. I quit working on this long ago as the interest in it seemed nil. It free and open for anyone to use or modify as you like, just give credit where credit is due. The file is just a 7zip exe. Hmm, looking at sourcefouge and the one posted above, the above one is newest, sourceforge is original. But, it is open source, do with it what you wish.
  5. Well, I have not used this in years. Mozilla makes it too easy and this is almost unneeded.
  6. Hey ric, How you been? Long time, eh? Things sorta slowing down and was looking for a project. But, this is probably too old to revive and not in any real demand anyway.
  7. No worries. It is apparent that this project is dead.
  8. I am considering reviving this project. But, first I would like to guage the interest. if, you have an interest in seeing this app updated, please join me at irc.synirc.net #FFaM and show your support.
  9. Thank you for the info. That problem may have been with Mozilla pulling Firefox 16 and then making it available again. I am not sure. But, as I am working an yet another rewrite, I will fix any and all bugs that have been found. ~jonnyboy
  10. I am currently rewriting FFaM again. This time in WPF .NET 4.0. I am in the beginning stages of the layout. If, you would like to offer your suggestions as to the UI, please post them here or email me. This is a tool that I learn with and learn from. You can follow me on github. ~jonnyboy
  11. When I removed the code that verified that installer matched the posted MD5, I also removed the ability to reuse a previously downloaded installer. I didn't and don't have the time, right now, to properly fix it. As to the Shockwave installers, other than file size, I really don't know. If you go the the Adobe Shockwave site and download it, it will automatically give you the slim version. That's the best that I can do for now. ~jonnyboy BTW: Very few people even use this anymore, or ever really did.
  12. FFaM v1.0.2.11 posted. -disabled 'older' Firefox version, Mozilla has removed the files and the links are invalid -disable checking MD5 sums, for now -changed 'Plugins' groupbox text to bold -fix bug with 0 byte files created when download flash installer -fixed bug when deleting files that are open, by adding dialog to close explorer -fixed bug where files named prefs.*, other htan main prefs.js were never copied
  13. Still no free time, but I will look at it right now and see if I can see a problem.
  14. I have made some bug fixes in the last couple of weeks, but they are untested. I need a a week or two and some free time to go through them. Then, I will post an update. ~jonnyboy
  15. The new website for FFaM went 'Live' today. Thanks go to Stefan Beer for his efforts in creating the page and doing all the heavy lifting to get it ready for use. If, you have a moment, could I ask you to head over to Sourceforge and write a review or add a recommendation? It would help alot. Also, if you would check out the new website and click one of Social Networking buttons in the page footer. A little 'word of mouth' advertising would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ~jonnyboy
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